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4K Ultra HD TVs

4K Ultra HD televisions give you extremely high picture quality, more vibrant colours and even a wider range of sounds.

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Smart TVs

Most of the televisions we stock are Smart TVs that operate similar to tablets and smartphones. They let you catch up on services like iPlayer and Netflix any time.

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Curved TVs

Curved TVs give you a wider field of view to make everything you watch more immersive. Choose from LED or OLED screens from Samsung or LG.

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OLED TVs have very high picture quality, with vivid colours and deep, dark blacks.

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LED is the most common TV screen type we stock, including 4K, Smart and curved.

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Popular Brands


We have a huge range of TVs, from brands like LG, Sony and Samsung. Choose your screen size from a compact 19 inches to a whopping 56 inches and above. Get extremely high picture quality with 4k Ultra HD and a more immersive view with curved screens.


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