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Panasonic SCHTB488EBK Black - 200W, 2.1 Channel Speaker Construction, Wireless


Product Features

  • Number of Channels: 2.1
  • Power Output: 200W
  • 4K UHD Passthrough: No

Panasonic SCHTB488EBK Black - 200W, 2.1 Channel Speaker Construction, Wireless Sub

Product Description

200W Output Power - Despite its compact size, the HTB488 can fill even larger rooms with 2.1 sound. Working together, the left, right, and subwoofer channels output up to 200W - that's 10x more than regular TV speakers.

HDMI and Optical Connections - Many soundbars connect to a TV using an optical cable, which is a high quality digital link. HTB488 has an optical connection, but it also has HDMI, meaning you have more flexibility and more set up options. In addition, the HDMI input features Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) which allows you to control the basic functions of your soundbar from the TV remote (requires a CEC compatible TV).

Bluetooth streaming - The soundbar doubles as a bluetooth speaker, so you can connect your phone or tablet and enjoy your music through a 200W soundbar, not just your headphones. The speakers have been specifically designed to improve music playback unlike most soundbars which are set up mainly for movies.

Wireless Subwoofer -- Subwoofers are great because they provide the big, deep, bass sounds that smaller, thinner speakers simply can not produce. This subwoofer has been specially designed so it produces a tight, focused sound, great for TV and music as well as home cinema. And wireless connection means you can be flexible in how it is set up and not worry about wires.

Balanced Sound -- Movies, TV, and Music - Panasonic have engineered this soundbar to be a great all-rounder. Traditionally soundbars concentrate on recreating a big movie sound, and sometimes regular TV dialogue or vocals in music can get lost. Thanks to improved speakers in both the soundbar and the subwoofer unit, the HTB488 delivers clear, precise sound to go along with the big bass. It is a great bluetooth speaker and a great home cinema system.

An Elegant Match for Your TV -- This compact and stylish soundbar will be a great partner to any TV (and will of course connect to any brand of TV with HDMI or optical connections) but it has been designed to particularly complement the EX600 and EX700 range TVs from Panasonic. The subtle trapezium shape sits perfectly with the angled feet of the TV stand - ideal if you want to place your soundbar on the same surface as your TV.

Product Specification

Number of Channels 2.1
Power Output 200W
Multi-room Enabled No
4K UHD Pass-through No
Bluetooth Yes
Colour Black
Subwoofer Yes, Wireless
Audio Processing DOLBY, DOLBY, DOLBY, DTS
Speaker Type One Way Speakers
Speaker Size SubWoofer 185 x 303 x 337 mm
Height (mm) 61
Width (mm) 853
Depth (mm) 90
Weight (kg) 7.2
Guarantee 1 Year

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