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Lenco L-85 Turntable with USB Direct Recording - Red

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Lenco L-85 Turntable with USB Direct Recording - Red

Product Description

The Lenco L-85 is a colourful way to bring your vinyl collection back to life. Packed full of user-friendly design features and functionality the L-85 is a great twist on the traditional turntable. The L-85 isn?t a case of style over substance, demonstrated by a What HiFi Best Buy accolade.

The Lenco L-85 can be a good addition to the life of any vinyl enthusiast current or lapsed. The L-85 features a range of vibrant colours to choose from but also offers enhanced performance.

Direct MP3 encoding, if you want to take the authentic sound of vinyl wherever you go, the L-85 can be a good partner. Featuring direct MP3 encoding you can record your vinyl collection to a digital format simply and easily. The L-85 will also automatically split tracks for you.

Integrated Stereo pre-amplifier, life couldn?t be easier with the built in pre-amplifier you don?t need any additional amplification equipment simply connect the L-85 to speakers and enjoy your favourite vinyl.

Other features include belt drive, 2 rated speed 33 RPM and 45 RPM, moving magnetic cartridge, mechanical arm lift, auto return and a removable dust cover.

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