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Morphy Richards Evoke Sear and Stew 3.5L Digital Slow Cooker 460015 Red

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Product Features

  • Capacity: 3.5
  • Keep Warm Function: Yes
  • Number of Settings: 4

Morphy Richards Evoke Sear and Stew 3.5L Digital Slow Cooker 460015 Red

Product Description

Slow cooking is one of the healthiest and most cost effective methods of cooking a meal for the whole family.

The new Digital Sear and Stew, featuring a hob proof cooking pot, means you can sear and slow cook from start to finish in one cooking pot making the slow cooking process even more efficient.

At Morphy Richards we understand the hectic lifestyle of today and that you don?t always have the time to prepare and cook nutritious meals from scratch. The new Digital Sear and Stew is the ideal choice to provide healthy nutritious meals that are ready exactly when you want them. It is really quick and easy to create a nutritious family meal from scratch with Digital Seal and Stew.

Firstly sear some meat within the hob proof cooking pot, then add vegetables and stock into the same pot and place the cooking pot into the slow cooker. The juices and flavours from the meat combine with the rest of the ingredients creating a richer, fuller taste. Once your pot is in the slow cooker base simply select either the high or low cooking setting and set the countdown timer depending on when you want your meal ready for and in anything from four to twelve hours you will have a delicious casserole, chili, curry or a multitude of other family favorites.

Digital Sear and Stew will cook your meal whilst you are out and about and have it ready and waiting for when you return home. If however you are delayed you don?t have to worry your meal will be ruined as Digital Sear and Stew will automatically switch to a two hour keep warm to keep your meal at the right temperature and tasting great. With a transparent toughened glass lid you can monitor your cooking progress without disturbing its cooking process, and unlike ceramic cooking pots the Digital Sear and Stew hob proof cooking pot is extremely light and durable making it easy to take to the table and serve directly from. Its shatterproof qualities also mean if you knock it on the worktop or drop it on the floor it won't crack or shatter like standard ceramic slow cookers. When you have finished your meal, washing up is a doddle too.

The Digital Sear and Stew cooking pot features a no-stick coating and can also go straight into the dishwasher. Settings: Low/ High/ Keep Warm

Sear & Stew will switch to an automatic 2 hour keep warm when the cooking process has ended, perfect if you are delayed on your return home or fancy eating later than you had originally planned. This ensures that your meal is ready at the time you require - the recipes within your instruction booklet give you a guide so no more guessing.

Product Specification

Capacity (ltr) 3.5
Keep Warm Function Yes
Number of Settings 4
Hob Proof Pot Yes
Height (mm) 200
Width (mm) 330
Depth (mm) 250
Weight (kg) 2
Colour Red
Dishwasher Safe Comp Yes
Guarantee 2 Years by Redemption
Oven Safe Pot Yes
Power (watts) 163
Removable Pot Yes
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