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Morphy Richards Accents 162008 Filter Coffee Pour Over in Black

Rapid delivery

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Product Features

  • 1.8 litre water capacity gives you enough water to brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time; perfect when you are entertaining
  • Over head pourer evenly disperses water over ground coffee to ensure a fuller, smoother and less bitter tasting cup of coffee
  • Programmable timer and strength selector so you can easily brew the perfect cuppa just the way you like it.
  • The keep warm function will ensure your fresh carafe of coffee stays hot for up to 30 minutes

Customer Review

“I bought this after reading great reviews about it, and it did not disappoint. Not only it is looking stylish on my kitchen counter, it also brew a beautiful cup of coffee! It's so simple to operate.”

Review given about this product via Morphy Richards’ website.

Product Description

New to the world of coffee - 'Pour Over' filtering. Morphy Richards has combined the superior taste of manual pour over coffee, with the ease and convenience of a programmable machine. It's perfect for those who enjoy the true taste of coffee, but want it delivered quickly and conveniently. Pour over is becoming increasingly popular due to the fuller, smoother less bitter tasting coffee it produces. The pour over includes two key features to create this unique flavour.

Firstly a 'cupcake' shaped filter which allows for a more even flow of water over the coffee grounds, delivering a smoother taste, unlike a traditional cone filter which can over-extract the coffee in the narrowest part of the filter, resulting in a bitter taste.

Secondly, the specifically adapted brewing process which mirrors the manual methods used by baristas. This process initially delivers a small volume of water over the grounds and allows the coffee a few minutes to 'bloom' (releases carbon dioxide and extracts the flavours), before dispensing the rest of the water.

This machine also comes with a programmable timer which allows you to wake up to fresh coffee every morning, plus an adjustable coffee strength selector so you can tailor the flavour intensity to your taste. The 1.8L capacity can brew up to 12 cups at once, and the keep warm function will keep your freshly brewed carafe warm for up to 30 minutes.

Complete the Accents collection, with this new and unique Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine - it will change the way you drink coffee.

Pour over shower head evenly disperses the water over the coffee grounds, ensuring they are fully covered and maximum flavour can be extracted from the coffee.

The unique cupcake shaped filter allows even coverage of the coffee thereby avoiding over and under-extraction of coffee which is commonly found when using cone shaped filters. The cupcake filter can be used with or without additional disposable filter papers.

The machine includes a programmable timer so you can pre-set the time you wish your coffee to be brewed. It also includes a coffee strength selector so you can tailor the strength specifically to suit your taste.

Brew from 1-12 cups at a time, perfect whether preparing 1 morning coffee or entertaining. The machine will also automatically adjust to the optimum brew strength when brewing small volumes (1-4 cups).

After your machine has brewed a fresh carafe of coffee, it will keep it warm for up to 30 minutes.

Product Specification

Water Capacity (ltr) 1.8
Cup Warmer Yes
Height (mm) 336
Width (mm) 260
Depth (mm) 188
Weight (kg) 1.7
Colour Black
Guarantee 2 Years by Redemption
Power (watts) 900

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