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Liebherr WTES5872 70cm 178 bottle 3 Zone Wine Cabinet

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Liebherr WTES5872 70cm 178 bottle 3 Zone Wine Cabinet In Stainless Steel

Store your wine in style – and plenty of it too. Liebherr have created a stunning, 178 bottle wine cabinet with three temperature zones. You can be sure that your wine will be stored at the right temperature at all times, whilst being protected from light.

How big is this wine cabinet?

This is a big wine cabinet – large enough to store 178 bottles at a time. The outside dimensions are:

Depth: 742 mm

Height: 1920 mm

Width: 700 mm

How are the bottles stored?

This cabinet has 12 shelves –  9 of them are wooden slatted shelves to stop the bottles rolling. Bottles then can be layered. The shelves are moveable so you can adjust where they are in the cabinet. 10 of the shelves are on telescopic rails so they pull out for a fuller view of your wine.

Can I change and control the temperature in the cabinet?

Yes – Liebherr knows that constant storage temperatures are required to allow wines to mature to perfection. The ideal temperature for maturing is the same for all wines, whether red or white, and lies between +10°C and +12°C. The precision electronic control system, combined with state-of-the-art climate technology, makes sure that the set temperature in the interior is continuously maintained, even when the outside temperatures fluctuate.

Can I have different temperatures in different areas of the cabinet?

Yes - this wine cabinet is particularly suitable for keeping different wines at their perfect drinking temperature. Specific temperature zones can be created within the cabinet. In the upper area, for example, red wine can be cooled at +18°C. At a temperature of +5 °C, the bottom zone is ideal for cooling sparkling wine or champagne. The zone in between is ideal for white wines which should be stored at drinking temperature.

What about vibrations?

Even slight vibrations can disturb the wine maturing process and prevent the tannins from settling. This wine cabinet has a specially developed, exceptionally low-vibration compressor to make sure that the wine isn’t disturbed.

And the humidity in the cabinet?

Maintaining the proper humidity is an important aspect for the storage of wines. In this way, corks remain supple and do not dry out. Wine should be stored in a horizontal position to keep the corks moist from the inside. With over 50% air humidity, wine cabinets guarantee the perfect conditions. The air humidity can be controlled in the cabinet by pressing the ventilation button.

Why does the door have triple UV protection?

Wine bottles are, in most cases, tinted because UV light has a damaging effect on wine maturation. However, the bottles alone are insufficient protection. In order to minimise the exposure to radiation, this Liebherr wine cabinet features special UV-resistant glass. In this way, stocks of wine can be protected whilst being stylishly showcased.

I have children – I don’t want them in this cabinet.

That’s ok – this wine cabinet comes with a child lock so you know that your youngsters can’t get in and mess with your drink.

Any other features?

Yes – there are plenty, including:

  • Door alarm if the door has been left open too long
  • Reversible door
  • Fresh air filter
  • Integrated heater
  • Soft close door system – protects the cabinet from jolts.

Product Specification

Height (mm) 1920
Width (mm) 700
Depth (mm) 742
Colour Stainless Steel
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