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Sales line: 0333 005 0011

Hisense RF697N4ZS1 American Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel A+


Product Features

  • 536 litre capacity American-style fridge freezer gives you enough room for a 2-week food shop for 2 adults and 1 child
  • You’ll never need to defrost your fridge freezer again thanks to Hisense’s innovative Total No Frost technology which stops ice crystals forming
  • Keep your food fresh for longer thanks to unique multi-flow technology which circulates cold air around your fridge
  • Enjoy perfectly chilled water at the touch of a button thanks to the built-in water dispenser

Customer Review

“Very user friendly fridge and the freezer is great to use. Very easy to locate things compared to our old Samsung side by side fridge freezer.”

Review given about this product via Hisense’s website.

Fit more in with this large capacity American Style fridge freezer from Hisense. The three compartments mean that you’ll be able to chill and freeze everything quickly and efficiently.

How big is this fridge freezer?

This is a large fridge freezer – it would be a focal point of any kitchen. The outside dimensions are:

Depth: 765 mm

Height: 1776 mm

Width: 912 mm

Remember – when measuring the space, make sure you leave enough room behind the fridge freezer to allow air to circulate. 

How much will this fridge freezer hold?

The fridge compartment has a huge capacity of 417 litres.

The freezer compartment has a capacity of 119 litres.

Does this fridge freezer dispense chilled water?

Yes – it has a dispenser on the front so you will always get ice cold water. And it doesn’t have to be plumbed in, so it can sit anywhere in your kitchen.

What is a French Door design?

The fridge comes with double doors – so it gives you more storage space and makes it easier to get things in and out of the fridge.

The freezer sits below the fridge and comprises of a large drawer, with drawers in it.

What storage solutions does this fridge freezer have?

There is so much space in this Hisense fridge freezer – and a great selection of storage solutions.

The fridge has:

  • Three full width shelves
  • Three drawers – one full width, two half width
  • Dairy compartment
  • Egg tray
  • Four door racks
  • Bottle rack

The freezer has:

  • Three drawers
  • Twist ice maker

Is this fridge freezer frost free?

Yes - thanks to Hisense’s innovative Total No Frost technology, ice crystals are unable to form, ensuring there is no build up of frost and ice in the fridge or the freezer. This means that you will never have to defrost again!

What is the Multi Airflow System?

The “Multi Airflow System” provides steady and even cold air distribution throughout the fridge and freezer compartments. This makes sure that your food quickly reaches the ideal storage temperature.

What is Super Cool and Super Freeze?

The Super Cool function ensures quick and stable cooling of any food added to the fridge. This should help your food look good, taste great and stay nutritious for longer.

The Super Freeze function does the same but for frozen food. It just makes sure that the food is frozen quickly and efficiently, ensuring that it’s kept for longer.

What is Holiday Mode?

This feature allows you to empty the fridge when you’re away for a long period of time. The internal temperature of the fridge is automatically switched to 15°C whilst keeping the freezer working. No more nasty odours or the formation of mould, so your fridge and the freezer contents remain fresh. Only use this when your fridge is empty, otherwise the food will spoil.

Product Specification

Energy Efficiency A+
Water Dispenser Door Mounted Storage Tank
Ice Dispenser No
Frost Free Freezer Yes
Fast Freeze Yes
Height (mm) 1889
Width (mm) 988
Depth (mm) 780
Weight (kg) 120
Fridge Capacity Net (ltr) 417
Freezer Capacity (ltr) 119
Number of Shelves 2
Salad Crisper 2
Guarantee 2 Years
Colour Silver
Rear Panel Material Metal back panel

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