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Beko American Style Four Door Frost Free Fridge Freezer in S/Steel GNE60520DX

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Product Features

  • Huge double door fridge space includes 3 full width shelves, 6 door shelves, 2 large salad boxes and 2 chiller compartments for meat, fish or dair
  • Two large frost free freezer drawers give you 185 litres of storage
  • Plumb this appliance in to enjoy fresh filtered water. The internal ice maker, in the bottom freezer drawer, makes cubed ice whenever you need to top up your drink
  • This model is packed with features including an LED display, open door door open , air flow cooling that distribute even cooling, and odour filters to block pungent smells. This product also has a fire retardant metal back that exceeds UK and European safety standards

Beko American Style Four Door Frost Free Fridge Freezer in S/Steel GNE60520DX


For more controlled cooling and freezing, NeoFrost™ technology offers two separate cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity and freshness, faster cooling, and a dry environment in the freezer so ice won't build up. Having two cooling systems also means odours won't transfer between the fridge and freezer, keeping your food tasting and smelling fresh.

Introducing Eat Like A Pro

You can enjoy your healthy fruit and vegetables for longer, thanks to Beko’s Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology. Designed to help your fruit and veg continue photosynthesising, the crisper drawer protects their Vitamin C content so they stay fresh and nutritious for longer, making it easier for your family to Eat Like A Pro.

Chiller Compartment Offering a hygienic and perfectly suited environment for your meat, fish and dairy products, the chiller compartment maintains a low temperature at around 0ºC, helping them to stay fresh for longer.

Plumbed Water Dispenser

Enjoy instant access to refreshing filtered water, whenever you want, with a water dispenser that's plumbed into your water supply. Internal Ice Maker You’ll never need to wait long for ice, thanks to our internal ice maker which works around the clock to make and dispense up to 1kg of cubed ice a day. Simply pull out the drawer, and scoop out the ice you need.

External LED Display

Control everything about your appliance without ever needing to open the doors - from selecting Quick Cool or Fast Freeze settings, to setting it to use less energy while you're on holiday.

Odour Filter

Unwanted odours and bacteria are removed from the air which circulates in the fridge, thanks to the odour filter.

Door Open Alarm

In case you've forgotten to shut your appliance's door, an alarm will sound to let you know that the door has been opened too long.

Air Flow Cooling

You won't need to worry about the internal temperature getting too high thanks to our air flow cooling system. Multiple air vents in the fridge and freezer maintain an even temperature on every shelf level and rapidly restore the temperature after you've opened the door.

Flame Retardant Back

All our current refrigeration products are manufactured with either a metal flame retardant back or an aluminium foil covered flame retardant back, providing increased protection. All our refrigeration products exceed UK and European safety standards. 

Product Specification

Energy Efficiency A+
Water Dispenser Door Mounted Storage Tank
Ice Dispenser Yes
Cooling System Frost Free Freezer
Frost Free Freezer Yes
Fast Freeze Yes
Anti Bacterial Yes
Height (mm) 1825
Width (mm) 840
Depth (mm) 745
Weight (kg) 129
Fridge Capacity Net (ltr) 378
Freezer Capacity (ltr) 152
Number of Shelves 3
Salad Crisper 2
Guarantee 2 Years
Colour Stainless Steel
Rear Panel Material Metal back panel
Requires Plumbing Yes
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