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Professional Ceramic Hob & Oven Care Pack


Professional Ceramic Hob & Oven Care Pack

Product Description

The Professional Ceramic Hob & Oven Care Pack includes:

Oven Care (500ml), Simply spray inside a cold oven. This product dissolves build up so there's no need to scrub. Leave for at least 30 minutes. Safe to leave on overnight if needed. No nasty smells or vapours. Can also be used to clean wire shelves, inner door glasses and grill pans. (do not use on self clean liners/ovens.)

Ceramic Hob Care (500ml) Ceramic hob care spray dissolves grease, grime and burnt food residue without being abrasive. Quick and simple to use without any rubbing, dissolving all grease and encrustations. 90% biodegradable formula.

Steel Care (280g) A cream based cleanser that cleans and sanitises removing grease and grime from steel, stainless steel or chrome surfaces such as Sinks, Taps, Hobs and Grills. This product will not scratch as it doesn't contain abrasive agents unlike powder, or non professional products.

Microfibre Cloth, This excellent quality microfibre cloth is perfect for every day use in your home. It's Ideal for everyday cleaning of all the materials in the kitchen, bathroom or other domestic settings. Will not scratch or alter treated surfaces. This product is recommended for people allergic to detergents.

Product Specification

Box Contents Ceramic Hob Care Spray, Oven Care Spray, Microfibre Cloth, Steel Care Cream
Delivery Rapid Delivery
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