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Washing Machines

Freestanding Washing Machine

Freestanding washing machines are going to be visible, so it’s good we’ve got lots of colours to choose from. Freestanding machines can wash bigger loads than integrated, but you can still choose between different spin speeds and energy ratings.

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Integrated Washing Machine

Slim and fitted, integrated washing machines can hide snuggly away behind a door so it just looks like another kitchen counter. We have lots of integrated washers to choose from, some with bigger drums than you might think, and different spin speeds.

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Getting the right washing machine all depends on what you need. Some of stock take big loads; perfect for big families. And some are more compact; great if there’s just a couple of you.

You also want to think about where it’s going to sit. Would the space you have suit a freestanding machine? Or an integrated one, tucked neatly away under the counter?

From there, it’s all down to the stats. The higher the spin speed, the drier it’ll leave your laundry. And you’ll save money if your machine has better ratings for energy efficiency and water consumption.


Save yourself a trip to the tip!

We offer eco-friendly removal of your old appliance for just £19.99!

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60 minute time slot

Free delivery 5 days a week

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We can connect your new appliance

For only £19.99 we will connect your new appliance and take all of our packaging away to be recycled.

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