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White Knight C42AW 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer in White

White Knight C42AW 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer in White
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Product Features

  • 6kg drum gives you enough room for a week’s laundry drying for 1 adult
  • 2 heat settings and up to 140 minutes drying time
  • Cool down function cools your clothes at the end of the cycle
  • This vented model connects to your external air vent via a built in 1.8m hose

Customer Review

I love my new tumble dryer. Can dry a good sized load and great value for money.”

Feefo review given about this product.

White Knight delivers function and style with their 6kg vented tumble dryer. Modern and efficient in both design and performance.

How much will I be able to dry in this tumble dryer?

It has a load capacity of 6kg – which means you’d be able to dry quite a lot in one go. As an example, 6kg of clothes could be:

  • 5 small hand towels
  • 6 lightweight tops such as t-shirts or vests
  • 2 pairs of trousers or jeans
  • 10 pairs of socks or underwear
  • 2 pairs of pillowcases or 1 jumper

What programmes does this tumble dryer have?

This is a really simple tumble dryer to use. It has two heat settings and a timer that goes up to 140 minutes. You can choose what temperature you’d like to dry with, and for how long.

Will my laundry come out hot at the end of the cycle?

No – this tumble dryer comes with a final cool down cycle, meaning that cold air is pumped into the drum and clothes to ensure you can quickly remove them.

How big is this tumble dryer?

It’s not particularly big so you should be able to find a space for it in your kitchen or utility room. The outside dimensions are: 

Depth: 530 mm

Height: 850 mm

Width: 596 mm

How will this tumble dryer fit into my kitchen?

This is a freestanding tumble dryer so it can go anywhere you like but remember, as this is a vented tumble dryer it needs to be positioned fairly close to an outside wall or window. This tumble dryer comes with a vent kit so you can quickly and easily set it up and get drying.

What is a vented tumble dryer?

A vented tumble dryer has an exhaust hosepipe which is connected permanently to a vent in an outside wall or simply hung out of a window when the tumble dryer is operating. This handles the removal of hot, damp air from the interior of the machine. The hose needs to be kept free of kinks. This tumble dryer comes with a 1.8metre built in hose.

Product Specification

Energy Efficiency C
Tumble Dryer Capacity 6.0 kg/ 13.20 lbs
Type of Tumble Dryer Vented
Number of Temps 2
Reverse Action No
Sensor Drying No
Timer Yes
Noise Level (db) 62
Guarantee 1 Year
Colour White
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 596
Depth (mm) 530
Weight (kg) 29.1

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