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Miele Jubilee G4940SC 14 Place Dishwasher in Brilliant White

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Product Features

  • 6 programme settings including quick wash, delicates, intensive and economy option
  • Dirt sensors work out how dirty your dishes are and automatically chooses the best wash programme option
  • Fit bulky kitchenware and cooking utensils into the adjustable MultiComfort basket and versatile 3D cutlery tray
  • This A++ rated energy efficient model cleans dishes for up to 14 place settings and has been tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use during development to meet Miele’s high quality standards

Miele Jubilee G4940SC 14 Place Dishwasher in Brilliant White

Miele brings you a smart and stylish 14 place dishwasher. It has some great technology to make sure your plates are cleaned perfectly every time.

How many plates can this dishwasher clean?

This Miele dishwasher can clean 14 place settings. A place setting is made up of:

  • A dinner plate
  • A dessert plate
  • A soup plate
  • A glass
  • A tea cup
  • A tea cup saucer
  • A knife
  • A fork
  • A dessert spoon
  • A soup spoon
  • A teaspoon

So this dishwasher will hold 14 of each of the above. There is also a height adjustable upper basket and an MultiComfort lower basket, which can be adapted to accommodate large pots and pans and oversized cookware items.

It also has a 3D cutlery tray. Miele call this the new dimension of cutlery care. The height, width and depth of the patented cutlery tray can be adjusted to fit bulky cooking utensils.

What programmes does this dishwasher have?

This Miele dishwasher comes with six different programmes including:

  • ECO: Extremely economical: The water and energy saving programme is perfect for mixed loads.
  • Automatic: For crockery which is not sensitive to heat. For example, mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits.
  • Intensive 75°C: Maximum cleaning performance. Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.
  • Normal 55°C: Quick and effective for every day loads - cleans normally soiled crockery thoroughly.
  • Short: Sometimes things have to be done fast - with the Short programme option you can reduce the cycle time.
  • Gentle and with care: Cleans heat-sensitive crockery that is slightly dirty.

How energy efficient is this dishwasher?

This Miele dishwasher is exceedingly economical and has received an A++ rating for its energy efficiency. This means it has an exceptionally low annual energy consumption figure of just 266kW/year and will definitely help you to reduce your energy consumption and minimise your household electricity bills.

Water consumption has also been kept to a minimum, this Miele dishwasher consumes just 9.9 litres of water on an Economy dishwashing programme.

It also has automatic load recognition so will only use the amount of water, detergent and energy that it needs to clean what you’ve put in it.

What is Sensor Wash?

This dishwasher features a Sensor Wash system, which uses a beam of light and an optical sensor to monitor the cleanliness of the dishwashing water. The Sensor Wash system automatically adjusts the programme settings to optimise dishwashing performance and minimise water consumption.

Can I delay the start so it’s only running when I want it to be running?

Yes – the Delay Timer facility provides you with the option to delay the start of the dishwashing cycle by up to 24 hours. This means that you can set the dishwasher to start at a time that suits you, which is hugely beneficial for any household on an Economy 7 tariff. The LED control panel displays the programme selection, the Time Delay and the Time Remaining indicators.


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Product Specification

Place Settings 14
Energy Efficiency A++
Wash Performance A
Drying Performance A
Number of Programmes 6
Product Testing Equivalent to 20 years' usage
Adjustable Upper Basket Yes
Noise Level (db) 45
Height (mm) 845
Width (mm) 598
Depth (mm) 600
Weight (kg) 52.5
Colour White
Guarantee 2 Years
Delicates Yes
Half Load Yes
LED Display Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Water Consumption (ltr) 2772

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