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Miele DA186 60cm Integrated Chimney Hood


Product Features

  • Hood Type: Built In
  • NumberofSpeeds: 4
  • Guarantee: 2 Years

Miele DA186 60cm Integrated Chimney Hood

Miele has designed a discrete and powerful extractor fan, that’s built in, so you’ll hardly notice it’s even in your kitchen.

How many speeds does it have?

This hood has three power levels to choose from, so you can remove any developing odours quickly. There is also a boost setting for when you need to remove smoke, steam or smells quickly.

What controls does it have?

It comes with push buttons for the power levels and the lights.

How many grease filters does it have?

It has two dishwasher-safe, stainless steel grease filters, so you can be sure that cooking residue is removed and not sticking around your kitchen.

How noisy is this hood?

It’s a little noisy – at its top extraction level it runs at 66 decibels. To put that into context, a normal conversation between two people is 60 to 70 decibels.

How high above the cooker should it sit?

Ideally it needs to be installed so the bottom of it is no less than 650mm above the hob.

Do I need anything else with this cooker hood?

Yes – if you’re venting externally you will need to get a ducting kit. This is a tube that allows unclean air, containing grease and odours to be extracted and removed from your kitchen.

You will also need a front for this that matches the rest of your kitchen. 

Product Specification

Hood Type Built In
Number of Speeds 4
Colour Stainless Steel
Height (mm) 450
Width (mm) 599
Depth (mm) 360
Weight (kg) 11.8
Guarantee 2 Years
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