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Rangemaster 90cm 64940

Rangemaster 90cm 64940
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Product Features

  • Hood Type: Chimney
  • Guarantee: 2 Years by Redemption

Rangemaster 90cm 64940 Chimney Style Cooker Hood in Black with Chrome Badge

The Rangemaster 90cm chimney cooker hood offers a sleek and practical solution for anyone looking to keep their kitchen free of off-putting odours while not sacrificing style. This cooker hood will compliment a range of kitchen styles, both modern and traditional. 

How many speeds does it have? 
It offers three powerful fan settings, so that no matter what you're cooking you can remove steam and odours fast and with no fuss. This Rangemaster cooker hood also offers the flexibility of using it as either a re-circulatory or ducted system.

What controls does it have? 
It comes with simple push button controls, operating the fans and two halogen lamps to light up your cooking surfaces.

How many grease filters does it have? 
It comes with a washable grease filter for quick and easy cleaning, and Rangemaster also offer additional odour-eliminating charcoal filters to keep cooking smells to a minimum. 

How noisy is this hood? 
Its fan runs at 65 decibels, only as loud as a typical conversation (around 60-80 decibels). This means that you can continue to enjoy music and good conversation uninterrupted while cooking. 

How high above the cooker should it sit? 
It needs to sit at least 670mm above the cooker for the best possible performance. 

How energy efficient is this cooker hood?
It has an 'A' energy efficient rating.

Product Specification

Hood Type Chimney
Number of Speeds 3
Colour Black
Height (mm) 800
Width (mm) 898
Depth (mm) 490
Weight (kg) 14.4
Guarantee 2 Years by Redemption

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