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Washing machines - your questions answered

Are washing machines a standard size?

Most UK washing machines are 850mm tall and between 595mm-600mm wide. To make sure they fit in a kitchen cabinet, integrated machines are slightly smaller in height, usually around 820mm. The depth of a washing machine can vary between 550mm to 600mm.

Are washing machine doors reversible?

Unfortunately washing machine doors are not reversible. Hinged on the left, washing machine doors close into a catch on the right. However, you can choose to fit the external kitchen cabinet door on the left or right hand side of an integrated washing machine as they have hinge brackets on both sides.

Are washing machine and dishwasher hoses the same?

Yes, washing machine and dishwasher hoses are the same. However, while washing machines can be hot and cold fill, dishwashers only use a cold water supply. As well as a waste drain pipe hose, your new washer will be supplied with a blue (cold) inlet hose and, if required, a red (hot) inlet hose.

Which washing machine is the quietest?

If you live in an open plan home, you’ll probably want a quiet running washing machine, especially if you run wash cycles at night. Many of Bosch’s latest washing machines are equipped with anti-vibration and EcoSilence Drive technology and generate a low noise level of 47 decibels, while Hotpoint’s Super Silent brushless motor also reduce noise levels.

Which washing machine is most reliable?

Your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in your home so you’ll want it to be reliable, not break down or be hit with expensive repair bills. Luckily, most manufacturers - including Indesit, Hoover, Candy and Hotpoint - guarantee their washers for 1 year with parts guaranteed for 10 years, while Miele appliances are tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use during development to meet Miele’s high quality standards.

Which washing machine is best for hard water?

Whether you live in a hard or soft water area, over time limescale will naturally build up in your washing machines pipes, filter and drum. You can help reduce the amount and keep your washer working and smelling fresh for longer by running an empty hot water cycle once a month on the hottest possible temperature setting. For a shiny, clean drum you may also wish to add a descaler tablet, such as Calgon, to get rid of limescale and detergent residue.

Which washing machine uses the least water?

Many washers now include sensors that work out the exact amount of water to use in each load and how long to run a wash cycle for. Look out for Bosch washing machines with the ActiveWater load adjustment system that not only saves water but also reduces your running costs, or Zanussi’s AutoSense feature that changes the cycle time, water and energy for each load.


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