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Bosch WAQ2836SGB A+++-20% 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine in Silver Inox

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Product Features

  • Wash Load: 8.0 kg/ 17.60 lbs
  • Washer Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Guarantee: 2 Years

Bosch WAQ2836SGB A+++-20% 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine in Silver Inox

Bosch delivers efficient, durable technology with this 8kg capacity washing machine. With VarioPerfect technology you’re sure to get a stunning wash every time.

How much can this washing machine wash in one load?

This washing has a great 8kg capacity, so it will hold:

General guide for capacity: 40 t-shirts

As normally used: 3 pairs of adult jeans, 3 shirts, 2 bed sheets, 3 pillowcases, 4 dish cloths, and 4 small towels.

Alternatively: A queen-size quilt/duvet 

What programmes does this washing machine have?

It comes with 14 programmes including: 

  • Cotton
  • Delicate Wash 
  • Easy Iron Function    
  • Economy Wash
  • Hand Wash      
  • Mixed Load
  • Pre Wash
  • 15 Minute Quick Wash      
  • Silk Wash        
  • Spin and Drain
  • Synthetics        
  • Wool Programme     

What is ActiveWater?

The automatic load adjustment recognises the type and size of load in three steps and ensures that only the amount of electricity and water required for that load is used. ActiveWater Water Management achieves even more accurate results and can save time and energy.

How loud is this washing machine?

Bosch has created AntiVibration sidewalls so this model is quieter and moves less than other washing machines. The enhanced insulation also reduces noise levels, making it very quiet even during the spin cycle.

What is Vario-Perfect?

You can get your clothes clean in just 15 minutes with Bosch’s quick wash option. The Vario-Perfect programme allows you to be flexible with the wash times – you can increase the energy for a faster wash, or decrease for a slower, more prolonged wash. This machine also has programmes made specially for jeans, delicates and mixed loads – as well as many other options.

What is 3D Aqua Spa Technology?

Bosch has created a way to provide the quickest wash possible, by adding water to the drum at three different angles. The active-water function on the machine means that it only uses the water needed for the load, never wasting a drop and saving you money.

Does it have a delay wash function?

Yes - the digital display allows you to delay your wash for when it’s convenient to you, whether that’s early morning or early evening. The remaining time also shows you how long is left of the cycle.  You can preset the required time for the washing machine program to start. In this way, you can be absolutely certain that your washing will be finished exactly when you want.

How energy efficient is this washing machine?

This Bosch washing machine has an energy efficiency rating of A+++ -20%. This means that it is 20% more energy efficient than a A+++ rated model. It’s one of the most energy efficient machines on the market. Low energy usage will help you save money on your bills.

Product Specification

Energy Efficiency A+++ -20%
Wash Performance A
Wash Load (kg) 8.0 kg/ 17.60 lbs
Spin Speed 1400 rpm
Guarantee 2 Years
Colour Silver Inox
Delivery Rapid Delivery
Depth (mm) 550
Height (mm) 848
Width (mm) 598
Electronic Display Yes
Half Load Yes
Half Load System ActiveWater Automatic Water Management System
Programmes 14
Quick Wash Yes
Spin Performance B
Water Consumption (litres) 40
Water Feed Cold Fill
Weight (kg) 70

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